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A Bit About Us

We smile, a lot.

We believe in positive energy and how it is contagious, so we try to share as much of it as we can.

Our journey has lead us to many places, and we have been blessed to do things that we are truly passionate about.

Currently based in the Seychelles and here to work with you to help share your message and business.


Product Photography Seychelles

Why We Do What We Do & Who We Work With

We have a strong passion to work with businesses that have a sustainable and Eco friendly goal and mindset.  But we also work with any business that fills like it's a good fit for us and our visions align.


We do what we do because we know having enough time and running a business never go hand in hand.

We are here to make sure your business always has fresh new content to use and are reaching your audience.


Our most prestigious services where we only work with a select few.

This is where you will receive our undivided attention.  Great for those who do not have time, or know how to run their own social media accounts.

We will run everything for you, from creating photos to creating captions, stories and maintaining any activity that comes across your social accounts.

Image by Georgia de Lotz


Take the most stressful aspect of social media off your shoulders and pass it on to the professionals.

When it comes to posting regularly and having well maintained social accounts takes time and is one of the biggest stresses thats stops people from being able to grow and share about their business.

Let us do that part for you, by working with us you will always have fresh new photos to share that are at a quality and standard that your audience will love.

Image by Nizar Zulmi


A service that is perfect for those times you are feeling a little stuck when it comes to knowing what to post, or having photos to post.

This service includes all photos and assistance in scheduling posts and creating captions so your feed stands out and has a beautiful flow.

Product Photoshoots Seychelles


Not everyone knows about the tips and tricks to social media, and these are things that can totally change the game for you and make it so much easier and rewarding.

We also offer Web Development 

consultations for making your very OWN website, with ease and is super cost effective.  

Image by Georgia de Lotz
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Instagram: 1150+

Website: 60+ wed visits 

Demographic: Mainly women

16-40, families and travelers

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Why Us?

We are diverse, and passionate people. And our passion for what we do always speaks volumes in our work.

We give it our all, no matter the circumstances, and we always share about the businesses we partner with on our website, and our social pages.

More then anything though, we are authentic in what we do, and we want to share a message of love, creativity, and travel all while living a happier, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same along the way.

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We have done multiple photo shoots for events, workshops, business establishments, 

jewellers  and so much more.

In the middle of all this we have worked with countless small businesses to help them create, maintain and in some cases get started on social media.