A story of Chasing your dreams

Meet the prana movement

Image by Annie Spratt
Family Portrait Photography Seychelles
We believe working and collaborating with businesses is a rather personal affair, and we love to build and grow with those we work with.


Hello Beautiful Souls that have stumbled upon our humble families journey.

We are the Nair family and we are on a slow motion movement of dance, love, laughter, joy, diving, and exploring of our shared planet.  Simply learning and living each day seeing where life takes us.

We chose the word "Prana" to represent our movement because this is a word we cherish deeply.  Meaning breath, or at its core, LIFE FORCE, it is the energy all living things need to exist and it inter connects us all, from the grass, to the trees, the birds and the bees and the fish in the seas.



My name is Zayma, 24, a creator, a visionary, passionate and full of smiles, mother to our gorgeous son Sebek, 3, and wife to Sammy, 29, the man behind the lens, and the fuel to our 3 person entourage.


I was born and raised in Ethiopia, moved to Canada when I was 16 and have been on the move ever since.

Becoming a professional diver, full time adventurer and lover of life.

Sammy, a ray of sunshine, and always keeping his island vibe cool, was born in Kenya then moved to Seychelles, became a professional diver, then photographer.

We are just regular folks who love connecting with people and we are passionate about what we do and know there is so much in store for us.

Follow our journey on Instagram, and learn more about us and our story.

Thanks for being here friends,

love and light to you all <3

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